This is the real secret of life-- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.



This is tiny me. I have not changed.

Partner in Crime:


My Process

My photography is all about people, connection, and creativity. I've always found my myself most centered and happy when I'm able to create. Photography was the first time I felt I could really capture and create something that was cherished by others. Photographs last forever and things about their subject. It's why I start every interaction with my couples with a conversation, not about photography, but about themselves, their friends and their family. Knowing my couples is the primary way my photographs express something honest, intimate and beautiful. I don't want to create some preconceived fairy tale. I want real magic with real people who want to enjoy the wonder of their wedding day. My job is to create images that reflect that joy.


I'm a big fan of puzzles and board games.

Films: Anything made by Michel Gondry, Wes Anderson, or Charlie Kaufman

Books: Haruki Murakami, Miranda July, and David Sedaris

Travel: Anywhere

Anything Else?

I love my family and friends. I was a public school teacher in Oakland for 5 years. I'm a strange, artistic man who doesn't like writing about himself.



Really, I just want a job where I can be close to cake all the time: