Ryan Sin Photography | Suzanne and Charlie // Brazilian Room Wedding // Berkeley, California

Suzanne and Charlie // Brazilian Room Wedding // Berkeley, California

April 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

And I think the dress looks nice on you.
Yes, I can see a lot of life in you.


Charlie and Suzanne got married at the Brazilian Room, just down the street from the Berkeley apartment they share. It's a venue that I've wanted to work at for quite a while and their wedding didn't disappoint. These two both had major crushes on one another in high school, but never dated. Those feelings never faded and years later, they finally had their second chance. For their wedding, they wanted a beautiful place outdoors where their friends and family could just be themselves, relax, and enjoy themselves. I think they succeeded.

Thanks to Jessica at Culinary Excellence. Their staff did a great job with planning and catering. 

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